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Interview to Prof. de Guttry on the PRIN Research Workshop held on April 13-14 2021

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In this Interview (in Italian), prof. de Guttry discusses the outcomes of the Research Workshop held on April 13-14 2021, in which the research teams presented the preliminary results of the Second Stage of the CBRN-ITALY project on Mapping International Obligations applicable to CBRN events broadly defined.


In particular, the interview focuses on international obligations related to the preparedness phase and applicable to epidemic outbreaks. According to prof. de Guttry, in these contexts International law clearly suggests that a set of specific measures must be taken, pursuant to international obligations and recommendations. Covid-19 has shown that too much fragmentation exists at the national level on the implementation of such obligations. States’ inaction can no longer be justified, either in political, moral or legal terms”.


Further information on the outcomes of the second stage of the project will be available soon on the project's website.