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The project's aims and structure

The research project is structured around 4 stages:

  • Stage 1 on "Defining CBRN agents, events, actors and phases" aims at clarifying what constitutes a CBRN event, the role of relevant actors and the capabilities and equipment required in the different phases of the CBRN emergency management cycle;
  • Stage 2 on "Mapping relevant international and EU legal obligations" aims at clarifying the obligations imposed on States and possibly International Organisations (IOs) and Non-State Actors (NSAs) at the international and EU levels covering the different types of CBRN risks and the different phases;
  • Stage 3 on "Assessing the Italian Legal and Operative Frameworks" aims at examining the implementation of these obligations in Italy, in order to ascertain whether there are any major gaps that have to be addressed, and assessing the adequacy of the domestic legal and policy frameworks in the face of the operational challenges that the responsible actors may face;
  • Stage 4 on "Recommendations and guidelines" aims at providing recommendations covering all phases of the CBRN event aimed at addressing the gaps in the International, European and Italian legal and policy frameworks.

The research outcomes will be working papers presenting the findings of each task, reports summarizing the results of each stage and will be available on this website.