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Università di Firenze

The University of Florence is an important and influential center for research and higher training in Italy. It offers a wide range of study programs at various levels and in all areas of knowledge. It is one of the largest and productive public research systems in Italy. This result is accomplished also thanks to an intensive participation in research programs of national and international relevance. 

The Department of legal sciences was established in 2013 and continues the tradition of the Florentine legal school, which has played a decisive role in the development of Italian legal science. It represents a center of development of innovative means of didactics and topics of scientific research related to law. It has been qualified as Departments of Excellence by the Italian Ministry of Education  for the period 2018-2022. As such it aims at contributing to the growth of the jurist’s knowledge and skills through an integrated and innovative action, which involves education, research and the third mission. Scientific research topics its members develop concern issues with a high social and economic impact and focuses on areas of strategic development: the European and transnational dimension of legal studies; new technologies, intellectual property and cultural heritage.


In CBRN-ITALY, the University of Florence is responsible for elaborating an harmonized understanding of what constitutes a CBRN event  (Stage 1). In Stage 2 the research team will investigate whether CBRN events can be considered as threats to peace under article 39 of the UN Charter and whether the use of CBRN weapons may legitimize (new) exceptions to the prohibition of the use of force. In Stage 3 the research team will appraise the obligations to prosecute CBRN-related international crimes and analyse to what extent the Italian framework deal with the consequences of a CBRN event should this occur (i.e. ensuring the accountability of perpetrators of malicious CBRN attacks or by providing victims with access to emergency support and adequate remedies).

Previous research activities

  • Deborah Russo:
    • 2018-2010, PI of the research project “La tutela dei diritti del minore su internet: verso una disciplina internazionale della rete?, and Scientific Supervisor of a research fellow
    • 2016-2018, PI of the research project “Imprese e diritti sociali nel diritto internazionale ed europeo” and Scientific Supervisor of a research fellow
    • 2016-2018, Member of the HORIZON 2020 research “TRANSOL European Paths to Transnational Solidiarity at Times of Crisis: conditions, forms, role-modelsand policy responses”
    • 2016-2018 Member of the EU funded JUST-Ag-2016 ENACT on e-learning National Active Charter Training on asylum and migration; data protection; children rights; social rights in the labour field; and freedom of expression
    • 2010- 2012, Member of the research funded by the European Social Fund (POR FSE 2007-2012) “Impresa sociale e valore aggiunto. Nuova metodologia di misurazione del valore aggiunto sociale per l’applicazione delle regole di concorrenza nella gestione dei servizi sociali”

Relevant publications

Books / Edited books

Frulli Micaela

  • The Duty of Care of International Organizations Towards Their Civilian Personnel. Legal Obligations and Implementation challenges, editor with Guttry, E. Greppi, C. Macchi T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer (2018)
  • Diritto internazionale (di Antonio Cassese), Bologna, Il Mulino, 2017 (revisione, aggiornamento e curatela della terza edizione)
  • War Crimes and the Conduct of Hostilities. Challenges to Definition, Investigation and Adjudication, editor with F. Pocar e M. Pedrazzi, Elgar Publishers (2013)
  • Le operazioni di peacekeeping dell’ONU: continuità di un modello normativo, Napoli, Editoriale scientifica, 2012


Deborah Russo

  • L'efficacia dei trattati sui diritti dell'uomo, Milano, Giuffrè, 2012 (monograph)
  • Impresa sociale, concorrenza e valore aggiunto. Un approccio europeo, Padova, Kluwer, 2012 (coauthors V. Federico, E. Testi)


Laura Magi

  • Laura Magi (2010). Protezione dei diritti fondamentali dei lavoratori e attività delle organizzazioni economiche e finanziarie internazionali. Problemi di coordinamento e di responsabilità internazionale. Napoli: EDITORIALE SCIENTIFICA, ISBN:9788863422047


Journal articles

Frulli Micaela

  • “The Draft Articles on Crimes against Humanity and Immunities of State Officials: Unfinished Business?” in Journal of International Criminal Justice, 2018, 775-793
  • “On the existence of a customary rule Granting Functional Immunity to State Officials and Its Exceptions: Back to Square One”, in Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law, 2016, 587-594
  • “The Contribution of International Criminal Tribunals to the Development of International Law: The Prominence of opinio juris and the Moralization of Customary Law” in The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals, 2015, 80-93
  • “Fact-Finding or Paving the Road to Criminal Justice? Some Reflections on United Nations Commissions of Inquiry” in Journal of International Criminal Justice, 2012,  1323-1338
  • “The Criminalization of Offences against Cultural heritage: The Quest for Consistency” in European Journal of International Law, 2011, 203-217
  • “Exploring the Applicability of Command Responsibility to Private Military Contractors” in Journal of Conflict and Security Law, 2010, 435-466



Deborah Russo

  • Lo sfruttamento del lavoro negli Stati membri del Consiglio d’Europa: una riflessione a margine del caso Chowdury, in Rivista di diritto internazionale, 2017, p. 835.
  • The Injured Individual’s Right to Compensation in the Law on Diplomatic Protection, in Rivista di diritto internazionale, 2016, p. 725-748


Magi Laura

  • (2018) L'obbligo di disarmo nucleare quale obbligo a realizzazione progressiva, Rivista di diritto internazionale, vol. CI - 2018, p. 58-88
  • (2016), Applicazione del test della protezione equivalente alle Nazioni Unite: nessun contributo dalla sentenza della Grande Camera della Corte europea nel caso Al-Dulimi, in Diritti umani e diritto internazionale, issue n. 3, p. 609 ff.
  • (2015) Gli obblighi incompatibili derivanti dalla CEDU e dalla Carta delle Nazioni Unite nella giurisprudenza della Corte europea dei diritti umani: riflessioni critico-ricostruttive, Diritti umani e diritto internazionale, issue No. 3, p. 519 ff.
  • (2015) Criminal Conduct on the High Seas: Is a General Rule on  Jurisdiction to Prosecute  Still Lacking? Rivista di diritto internazionale, p. 79-113
  • (2013) Sulla liceità dell’intervento militare francese in Mali, Rivista di diritto internazionale, p. 551-561 
  • (2010) On the Attribution to an International Organization of the Activity of Private Companies that Act on Its own Account, EUI Working Paper MWP 2010/07


Diego Mauri

  • (2019) “‘Algorithmic Target Construction’ and the Challenges by International Human Rights Law”, in “Eurojus”, 8-21;
  • (2018) On American Drone Strikes And (Possible) European Responsibilities: Facing The Issue Of Jurisdiction For “Complicity” In Extraterritorial Targeted Killings”, in “Italian Yearbook of International Law”, vol. 28, 249-272;

Book Chapters

Frulli Micaela

  • “Le Nazioni Unite e la codificazione del diritto internazionale penale” in F. Salerno (a cura di), La codificazione nel diritto internazionale ed europeo, Napoli, 2019
  • “Piercing the Veil of Headof-State Immunity: The Taylor Trial and Beyond” in C. Jalloh (ed.) The Special Court for Sierra Leone and its legacy, Cambridge, CUP, 2014,
  • “Immunity versus Accountability for Private Military and Security Companies and their Employees: Legal Hurdles or Political Snags?” in F.Francioni, N.Ronzitti (eds.), War by Contract. Human Rights, Humanitarian law and Private Contractors, Oxford, OUP, 2011


Deborah Russo

  • The human Rights responsibilities of international organizations as procuring authorities., Public Procurement and Human Rights. Opportunities, Risks and Dilemmas for the State as Buyer (a cura di Olga MartinOrtega and Claire Methven O'Brien), Edward Elgar, 2019, pp. 62-77, ISBN:978 1 78811 630 5.
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Laura Magi

  • (2019) Implementation of the Duty of Care by the Council of Europe, in The Duty of Care of International Organizations Towards Their Civilian Personnel (a cura di Andrea De Guttry, Micaela Frulli, Edoardo Greppi e Chiara Macchi), Asser Press, 2018, pp. 265292, ISBN:9789462652576