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Final Report and Recommendations

The final report of the project and the recommendations (in Italian) are available here for download.

During its third phase (September 2021-October 2022), the CBRN-Italy project aimed at assessing the extent to which Italy has implemented available international obligations and recommendations related to protection against CBRN hazards. The final report presents the results of this research activity, ad analyzes to what extent international and regional (EU) obligations and recommendations related to the four phases of the emergency (prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery) are effectively incorporated into the Italian system.

The results of Phase 4 on Recommendations (November 2022-July 2023) are also available here. The recommendations (Proposte per la piena attuazione delle norme internazionali relative agli eventi di natura CBRN in Italia) are targeted to italian policy makers and decision makers and aim at making some suggestions to strenghtening the Italian policy and legal framework.