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Dr. Silvia Venier

Dr. Silvia Venier is Research Fellow at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, Italy, where she currently focuses on international law and CBRN events. She holds a Master Degree in International Relations by the University of Trieste and a PhD in Public International Law from the Scuola Sant’Anna, which explored the role of positive obligations under Human Rights Law in enhancing protection against CBRN events broadly defined, i.e. covering both intentional and non-intentional emergencies. As part of her PhD she has been visiting research fellow at the University of Copenhagen and at the Human Rights Centre at the Essex University. Before joining the DIRPOLIS Institute she served as a research fellow in a private research centre specialised in ethical and human rights issues raised by emerging technologies. She has been undertaking research activities on a wide spectrum of issues encompassing inter alia human rights, disaster prevention, early warning, new technologies. She is currently collaborating on these themes with the Italian Red Cross in a research project aiming at developing new tools for disaster preparedness and response, and with the UK-based company GSDM, specialised in technological risk.


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