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Dr. Deborah Russo

Assistant Professor of International Law

Member of the University of Florence’s research team


Deborah Russo is Assistant Professor of International Law at the University of Florence, Law Department, where she teaches “Advanced International Law” and “Current Challenges of International Law”. In 2009 she received her Ph.D in International and European Law from the University of Florence and in 2016 she got the national qualification to become Associate Professor of International Law. She is member of the editorial board of the “Rivista di diritto internazionale” and of the “Osservatorio sulle fonti”. She has published the monograph “L’efficacia dei trattati sui diritti umani” (Giuffrè 2012) and several articles and chapters of books on different topics of international and European Law, including B&HR law. She is also co-editor (with V. Federico and E. Testi) of the book “Impresa sociale, concorrenza e valore aggiunto. Un approccio europeo” (Cedam, 2012).