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Dr. Gian Maria Farnelli

Gian Maria Farnelli, Ph.D., is Senior Assistant Professor at Department of Legal Studies, University of Bologna. He has been visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (2012). He has been a Counsel for Italy in the MV Norstar (Panama v. Italy) case (ITLOS Case No. 25) and research assistant in inter-state and investment disputes.

He is Assistant Editor of Questions of International Law and member of the Editorial Committee of the Osservatorio sulle attività delle organizzazioni internazionali e sovranazionali, universali e regionali, sui temi di interesse della politica estera italiana ("Observatory on the activities of universal and regional international and supranational organization, on issues relating to the Italian foreign policy") of the Italian Society for International Organizations.

He has published in English and Italian on various topic of international law, with specific regard to international law of the sea, investment law, law of international adjudication, environmental law, jurisdictional immunities and counter-terrorism.