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Stage 2 - Mapping

Stage 2 (from July 2020 to August 2021) aims at clarifying the obligations imposed on States and possibly International Organisations (IOs) and Non-State Actors (NSAs) at the international and EU levels covering the different types of CBRN risks and the different phases of the emergency management cycle.

Five macro-areas have been identified:

  • CBRN weapons’ legality in armed conflicts and requirements under jus ad bellum and Arms Control and Disarmament Law (led by UNITO and UNIFI))
  • CBRN terrorism related obligations (led by SSSA)
  • Dealing with CBRN events (led by SSSA)
  • Specific requirements under EU law (led by UNIBO)
  • Managing the consequences of a CBRN event (led by UNIFI and SSSA)


Stage 2 will produce five working papers, summarizing the results of each task, and a summary report.